During the entire month of November, the Minnesota Zoo​ will be sharing stories of the many rescued and rehabilitated animals that we care for. All of our animals receive amazing care from zoo staff, volunteers and community members. All of this work is made possible because of YOUR amazing support – thank you! Check back daily as we feature a new story from around the Zoo.

The Minnesota Zoo is home to more than 4,700 animals from around the world. A few of these species are pretty common to any backyard in Minnesota, including the raccoon. These critters can be found in abundance throughout North America and they play an important role in their natural habitats. When the Zoo redesigned the Medtronic Minnesota Trail, it was decided to have the raccoon be the first species guests would encounter. The Zoo received the original raccoon group in 2006 from a small zoo in California. They were deemed by the California Department of Fish and game to be non-releasable rehab animals and were in need of a permanent home. One of the original raccoon, “Maverick,” is still here at the Zoo. He is currently being cared for behind the scenes by zookeepers with regular daily enrichment and tasty treats.

Did you Know? Raccoon are agile climbers. They can come down a tree either head or tail first.

You can help save wildlife around the world, like the raccoon, by sponsoring an animal today! They make great holiday gifts, too.