Animal Facts: Canada Lynx

The Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) is well suited for the living in the snow and here at the Minnesota Zoo. Their long legs allow them to stay above snow drifts, large furry feet act as snowshoes, and their extra-thick fur keeps them warm as well as silent in the wild. Lynx fur can also […]

Thursday, April 2, 2015|Animal, Medtronic Minnesota Trail|

White-Tailed Deer Parasites Threaten Minnesota’s Moose

By Dr. Tara Harris, Vice President for Conservation, Minnesota Zoo

Fresh deer pellets were collected off the top of snow in late winter.A deer poops in the forest.  It happens all the time and you probably haven’t given it much thought!  But this deer poop […]

City Rabbits and Suburban Turkeys

This past March, we announced a new collaboration between the Minnesota Zoo’s BioDiscovery Project and the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute. Katie Talbott, Coordinator for the BioDiscovery Project, has an update on their trail camera project!

Along with gray squirrels, wild turkeys, like the male above, [...]
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Plant For Pollinators

Could you live a world without chocolate? Can you imagine autumn in Minnesota without Halloween pumpkins or family weekends picking apples at your local orchard?  Did you have blueberries in your morning cereal?  Tomatoes in your sandwich? Would you make it to work on time every morning if coffee was 30% more expensive?

The Wild Face of Climate Change: Moose

The North American moose is seen by many as an iconic symbol of Minnesota’s North Woods. But around the world, moose at the southern edge of their range are disappearing. Minnesota is one of the first places in which this decline was documented. Scientists are still working to understand what is causing the decline […]

NEW Lynx Kittens 2014

All together now, “Awwww….” The Minnesota Zoo is excited to announce the addition of four [adorable] Canada lynx kittens, born on Tuesday, May 6 along the Medtronic Minnesota Trail! They are currently being cared for by their mom behind the scenes and will more than likely make a public debut in August 2014, when they […]

Urban vs. Suburban – Comparing Wildlife on Zoo-Site

The Minnesota Zoo’s BioDiscovery Project is partnering with the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute to compare their wildlife findings on each zoo’s site. Our BioDiscovery Project Coordinator, Katie Talbott, is excited to announce this partnership and get you all involved as well!


Studying Minnesota Moose

Dr. Kim VanderWaal is a postdoctoral research scientist in the Minnesota Zoo’s Conservation Department. She is studying the risks Minnesota moose face from parasites transmitted from white-tailed deer.

Researching wildlife is not always glamorous.  Indeed, I have found that some of the most valuable information about wild animals can be learned by studying what they […]