White-Tailed Deer Parasites Threaten Minnesota’s Moose

By Dr. Tara Harris, Vice President for Conservation, Minnesota Zoo

Fresh deer pellets were collected off the top of snow in late winter.A deer poops in the forest.  It happens all the time and you probably haven’t given it much thought!  But this deer poop […]

The Wild Face of Climate Change: Moose

The North American moose is seen by many as an iconic symbol of Minnesota’s North Woods. But around the world, moose at the southern edge of their range are disappearing. Minnesota is one of the first places in which this decline was documented. Scientists are still working to understand what is causing the decline […]

Studying Minnesota Moose

Dr. Kim VanderWaal is a postdoctoral research scientist in the Minnesota Zoo’s Conservation Department. She is studying the risks Minnesota moose face from parasites transmitted from white-tailed deer.

Researching wildlife is not always glamorous.  Indeed, I have found that some of the most valuable information about wild animals can be learned by studying what they […]