They’ll steal your heart. Sponsor the raccoon today!

Did you know that raccoons can run up to 15 mph, swim well, have excellent memories, and their paws become extra sensitive when wet?  They can hear an earthworm burrowing, run headfirst down trees, and adapt to a wide range of habitats.

Please sponsor the raccoons by making your gift to the Minnesota Zoo Foundation today.  Your tax-deductible gift will help provide quality care for all of the amazing animals at the Minnesota Zoo.

Your $55 sponsorship includes:

  • An adorable 8” plush raccoon.
  • An animal sponsorship certificate.
  • A raccoon trading card with a photo and fun facts.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference at the Minnesota Zoo!

Your $100 sponsorship also includes:

  • Animal Homes by Judy Allen and Simon Mendez.

Your $250 sponsorship also includes:

  • An invitation to meet with a Zookeeper (approximately 15 minutes, during normal Zoo hours).

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If you have additional questions, please call 952.431.9216 or 1.800.366.7811 ext.216
Or email Shannon at [email protected]