Tropics Trail

Waking Up Some Real “Sleeping Beauties”

Skipper Lab

Did you know that the Minnesota Zoo’s Conservation Department is working hard behind the scenes to help save some of Minnesota’s (and the world’s!) most endangered butterflies?   Partnering with many agencies, our Prairie Butterfly Conservation Program has recently been focusing our attention on […]


They’re small, they’re colorful and can sometimes pack a real punch. Poison-dart frogs come from the family Dendrobatidae and presently are split up into four major groups – Dendrobates, Epipedobates, Minyobates and Phyllobates. (Phew…that’s a lot of “–bates”) One of the […]

Thursday, March 20, 2014|Animal, Herpetology, Tropics Trail|

Lemur Exhibit Gets a Little Greener

Lemur Exhibit_2

The lemur exhibit on the Tropics Trail was recently given a makeover. The Minnesota Zoo’s horticulture supervisor, Kim Thomas, and her team strategically worked on placing new plants in the lemur exhibit that are native to Madagascar. The new plant additions […]

Thursday, March 13, 2014|Animal, Horticulture, Tropics Trail|

NEW Komodo Dragons on Exhibit

Komodo Dragons On Exhibit 03_2014 054 copy Komodo Dragons On Exhibit 03_2014 009 copy