For a Pleasant Visit

Zoo volunteers and staff are available to assist you throughout the Zoo.


ATM Locations

  • Call of the Wild Food Court
  • Discovery Bay
  • Northern Trail near Camel Ride (seasonal)

Drinking Fountains
Drinking fountains are located throughout the Zoo and water bottle fillers are in Discovery Bay, near Call of the Wild food court, near the Minnesota Trail, and in several locations along the outdoor trails. Outdoor fountains and bottle fillers are turned off during the cold weather months.

First Aid
Near Guest Services desk inside the main Lower South Entrance; please ask a volunteer or staff member for assistance. Single dose medicine dispensers, which require two quarters as payment, are available in the restrooms near Call of the Wild food court and Central Plaza (seasonal). No medicine labeled for children is available.

Food & Beverage
Various options, including vegetarian and gluten-friendly, are available throughout your Zoo visit. If you have specific questions, please contact us at 952-431-9200 or [email protected], or speak to one of the chefs in person during your visit. If the food selection does not meet your needs, please plan to pack a snack that you can eat on the go. Lids and straws are not available at any location due to animal health concerns.

  • Call of the Wild Food Court – main building
  • Penguin Café – main building
  • Grizzly Coast Café (seasonal) – Central Plaza
  • Wells Fargo Family Farm Farmhouse (seasonal)

Single use lockers, which require four quarters as payment, are available for rent near Call of the Wild food court. The Zoo is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Wheelchairs or Motorized Single Rider Carts (ECVs) – NO ADVANCE RESERVATIONS

  • Wheelchairs: Both standard and extended size wheelchairs are available. Although there is no rental fee, photo identification is held as a deposit.
  • Motorized Single Rider Carts: We have a limited supply of single rider carts available on a first-come basis. The rental fee is $30 and photo identification is held as a deposit. The ECV is a single person cart only. Operators must be 16 years of age or older. All operators between the ages of 16 and 18 must have a valid driver’s license and a signature of a legal parent/guardian over the age of 21. Young children are not allowed to operate the cart.

Single and double strollers are available for rent on a first-come basis.

  • Single – $8
  • Double – $11

Nursing Areas

  • A nursing area is located near the entrance to the Tropics and Medtronic Minnesota Trails, to the left of the Target® Learning Center.
  • The reading corner of the Bee Hive is a favorite spot for nursing parents – especially those with other children to keep occupied.
  • For the parent who prefers a completely private experience, there are two Family Restrooms, with chairs and changing tables, located outside each entrance of the Target® Learning Center.
  • Breast pumps are available for check out at the main Guest Services desk.
  • Bottle warmers are available for check out at the main Guest Services desk.

Multiple re-entry is allowed on the same day you paid admission. Please use the hand stamp available at each exit.

Restrooms & Diaper Changing Areas

  • Discovery Bay
  • Near Call of the Wild food court
  • Medtronic Minnesota Trail
  • Central Plaza (seasonal)
  • Russia’s Grizzly Coast Mammoth Dig
  • Crossroads Park
  • Caribou Exhibit (seasonal)
  • Farm House Basement (seasonal)
  • Farm Granary (seasonal)


  • Target® Learning Center (near entrance to Medtronic Minnesota Trail)
  • Central Plaza (seasonal)
  • Farm Granary (seasonal)