Asian Wild Horse

Land of the Blue Sky

Get into any car in Mongolia you will see a blue sash tied between the front window visors. Blue scarves are knotted around posts and propped up with rock piles to indicate special prayer locations. In the countryside, blue is the favored color for painting concrete buildings and “ger” (traditional house) doors. All of […]

Meet Derjsuren, Park Ranger

I’m greeted by a wide smile of pearly white teeth as Derjsuren graciously invites me into his work-in-progress home. Today he is painting it blue to match the endless blue skies of Hustai National Park, Mongolia. Hustai National Park is the site of a successful reintroduction of Takhi, or Asian wild horse – the […]

On the Trail of Wild Takhi

The national drink is milk tea (with salt!). I spent my first night in a ger (what’s that?!). When I look up I see an unending sea of undulating green hills. Where am I?

I am in Hustai Nuruu National Park, Mongolia and staying in a ger, a traditional round Mongolian home. As a conservation […]