Lemur Exhibit Gets a Little Greener

Lemur Exhibit_2

The lemur exhibit on the Tropics Trail was recently given a makeover. The Minnesota Zoo’s horticulture supervisor, Kim Thomas, and her team strategically worked on placing new plants in the lemur exhibit that are native to Madagascar. The new plant additions […]

Thursday, March 13, 2014|Animal, Horticulture, Tropics Trail|

NEW Komodo Dragons on Exhibit

Komodo Dragons On Exhibit 03_2014 054 copy Komodo Dragons On Exhibit 03_2014 009 copy 

Urban vs. Suburban – Comparing Wildlife on Zoo-Site

The Minnesota Zoo’s BioDiscovery Project is partnering with the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute to compare their wildlife findings on each zoo’s site. Our BioDiscovery Project Coordinator, Katie Talbott, is excited to announce this partnership and get you all involved as well!