Tracking Wily Wolves in Mongolia

Anticipation hangs in the air as I face a fluid wall of descending white.  Our volunteer on the project, John Hart, is only steps in Read More

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    What’s a girl from Minnesota Zoo’s Bird Show doing in a ger in Mongolia?

What’s a girl from Minnesota Zoo’s Bird Show doing in a ger in Mongolia?

Taylor Steger, Interpretive Naturalist at the Minnesota Zoo, just returned from Mongolia where she assisted with research to help save the Asian wild horse (also Read More

How to Catch a Takhi

The weather in Mongolia is unpredictable at worst and constantly-changing at best.  We can wake up in the morning to no wind, and then run Read More

Off to the Wilds of Mongolia

I brace my hand against a cold window, smearing a palm print onto the foggy glass as I try to keep myself from bouncing around.  Read More

“Sheep Selfies” to Save Asian Wild Horses

I woke up to the wind howling fierce and battering the side of my ger (a traditional Mongolian round house).  The cloudless blue sky was Read More

Help Save the Last True Wild Horse

Up until Memorial Day weekend you have the opportunity to help save Asian wild horses when you visit the Minnesota Zoo.  This species went completely Read More

Land of the Blue Sky

Get into any car in Mongolia you will see a blue sash tied between the front window visors. Blue scarves are knotted around posts and Read More

Meet Derjsuren, Park Ranger

I’m greeted by a wide smile of pearly white teeth as Derjsuren graciously invites me into his work-in-progress home. Today he is painting it blue Read More