The Minnesota Zoo is thrilled to have collected over $19,000 from our guests in 2015 to help critically endangered Hawaiian monk seals!  We’ve purchased some high-tech underwater video cameras and data loggers that NOAA scientists will place on wild monk seals this summer, to understand why the monk seal population has been declining in the far northwestern Hawaiian islands.  The compact cameras will provide scientists with a unique glimpse of the monk seals’ world, including the habitats they use, the species they eat, the predators they encounter, and any man-made threats they face.  Video like this has been used successfully to study monk seals in other parts of Hawaii and to engage people in learning about these fascinating animals. The findings from this research will help scientists develop conservation strategies to help wild monk seals.

Thank you to all of our guests who contributed to this important work. Stay tuned for more updates and if you want to help save Hawaiian monk seals in the wild, sponsor one today!