The Amur tiger cub is now over a month old….where does the time go?! Both Sundari and the cub are doing great!

Weighing over ten pounds, the cub is now learning how to “talk.” This is called chuffing. Due to the bone structure of a tiger’s face they are unable to purr. Chuffing is a way tigers communicate, often as a greeting. Check out the video below to hear some of the cub’s first chuffs…

Although still short, her whiskers are growing, and her teeth are starting to come in. She should be getting her canines this week! They’ll be small now, but eventually could grow to be as long as 3 inches.

If you’ve been watching the live Tiger Cub Cam, sponsored by Cub, you may have noticed that Sundari has been picking up the cub and walking around with her. There are several reasons as to why she is doing this. Depending what is happening at the time it could be any of the following:

  • Sundari and the cub are now getting more access to explore our behind the scenes area, as she walks the perimeter of this space she wants to keep a close eye on the cub. Especially now that the cub is on the move. Sundari’s instincts are spot on and she is being vigilant and protective. This has also led her to carrying the cub into new areas and allowing her to learn and explore. Tigers will patrol their territories regularly in the wild and this behavior is also observed in zoological settings such as this. While doing this routine Sundari can often be seen bringing her cub along.
  • Sundari will also carry her around when she hears the calls from the other tigers, Putin and Patricia, while they are moving around the behind the scenes area, or getting fed. While the cub and Sundari do not have direct access to the other tigers, she is still cautious as any good mom would be.
  • Sundari also anticipates her feeding time and has been scene picking up the cub prior to her meals too. She’s fed throughout the day to keep her milk supply up. The cub has been seen nibbling some of the crumbs, so you may be catching the duo as they hear their meals getting prepped.

The cub is learning a lot of new things – how to play, tumble, and climb. Like any new mom, Sundari is learning how to deal with her cub being on the move. She is extremely attentive to her little girl and they are starting to play more and more each day.

Keep watching the live Tiger Cub Cam, sponsored by Cub, and watch as the cub grows. Make sure to follow the Minnesota Zoo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and adorable photos and video of our favorite duo. Check back as we’ll be announcing a naming contest later this summer.