The Zoo’s female Amur tiger cub recently was examined by our veterinary team after her zookeepers noticed Sundari, the cub’s mother, was handling her more often than usual. We suspect the increase in handling was due to the warmer and more humid weather. During the cub’s check-up, a few minor injuries were found and she needed to undergo a quick procedure to clean up some of her open wounds. Fortunately, the cub is doing really well. In order for her to recover as quickly as possible, our expert animal care staff made the decision for the cub to heal away from mom to prevent re-injuring her wounds. We will be providing regular updates (including photos and video) about the cub and we ask that you please send positive vibes to her and Sundari for speedy recovery.

Here at the Minnesota Zoo, we are dedicated to providing all of our animals with the best possible care. We are optimistic our two month old female Amur tiger cub will recover quickly from these minor injuries and we are working hard to determine next steps in a possible reintroduction with her mom, Sundari. We will be taking this day-by-day to see how both tigers react toward each other to ensure both of their safety. In the meantime, the cub will continue to receive amazing care from her zookeepers and Sundari will be enjoying extra treats, as well.

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