There’s a new golden glow at the Minnesota Zoo! Please welcome Tao, a 3-year-old female takin who arrived in spring 2024 from the San Diego Zoo in California.

Her move here was recommended by the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for takin. SSPs are collaborative efforts by accredited zoos and aquariums to manage genetically diverse populations of animals. Currently there are nearly 300 SSP Programs, spanning species from aardvarks to zebras! With Tao’s arrival, takins MuShe and Bao moved to Sunset Zoo in Kansas, also a recommendation of SSP advisors to sustain healthy takin populations.

Takins are horned mammals native to the eastern Himalayas in Asia; the wild population is decreasing due to numerous threats. You can find the takin on the Northern Trail or view from above on the Treetop Trail.