The Minnesota Zoo is home to thousands of animals from around the world. From energetic White-cheeked gibbons along our Tropics Trail to calming moon jellyfish in Discovery Bay, the Minnesota Zoo provides world-class care to every animal. Did you know many of the animals at the Minnesota Zoo were actually rescued animals from tragic situations in the wild? Some of these animals include our three brown bears and three sea otters in Russia’s Grizzly Coast, our two male puma (kittens) along the Medtronic Minnesota Trail and our five Hawaiian monk seals in Discovery Bay.

All of these animals have amazing stories about how they were rescued from a variety of challenges in the wild and ended up here at the Minnesota Zoo. Here are just a few of these stories…

Rescued Sea Turtles

Sea Otters

Brown Bears


There are so many more stories just like these about animals here at the Zoo. It is our passion to provide incredible care to all of our animals and we want you to know that you can help us keep up this great work. Please donate to the Minnesota Zoo Foundation so we can continue to care for our animals, connect our guests to these amazing species and of course, so we can continue to save wildlife around the world. Thank you for all of you generous support.

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