We are happy to share that our recent orphaned and rescued male puma cub is making his public debut along the Medtronic Minnesota Trail! Zookeepers have been caring for him behind the scenes for the past several weeks and are happy that he is doing so well. He seems to be enjoying exploring his new habitat, playing with the trees and rocks and even interacting with the guests through the glass. He will have access to the habitat even days and our other young puma on odd days.. As the cub is still only 16 weeks old, he will continue to have access to one of his inside dens as he continues to acclimate to his new home.

For those of you not aware, this 16 week old cub was orphaned in Washington State found after a landslide in NE Washington and arrived at the Minnesota Zoo the first week of May. Due to the nature of his orphaning, staff have named him “Landslide.” Minnesota Zoo vet staff and zookeepers have been closely monitoring and caring for him since his arrival. He is scheduled to receive his last set of kitten vaccines this week and will start regular rotations in the habitat this week. He is a little shy, but is acclimating quickly and we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly he adjusted to seeing guests through the viewing windows.

Be sure to come see our new addition soon, as he is growing quickly! Come learn more about puma on our website, as we all ways that you can help support the Minnesota Zoo in our mission to save wildlife, just like this adorable puma kitten here