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The Minnesota Zoo is excited to announce the addition of two NEW komodo dragons on exhibit along the Tropics Trail. Currently, our komodo dragons will rotate on exhibit – the two juvenile male komodo dragons (Wednesday – Saturday) & the older male, “Gasher” (Sunday – Tuesday). You can check out more photos of these animals on our Facebook fan page.

Hatched at the Memphis Zoo in the spring of 2012, these new additions made their way to the Minnesota Zoo in the fall of 2012 and were cared for behind-the-scenes by our Tropics Trail zookeepers. They made their public debut on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, once they were large enough to safely manage the komodo dragon exhibit space. They currently weigh 3.5-4 kg and are doing great in their new habitat.

Interesting Fact:
The new komodo dragons’ dam (mother) lived here at the Minnesota Zoo from 2005-2007 before moving to the Memphis Zoo. She was also the offspring of our previous male, “Doni” who was a gift to the Minnesota Zoo from the Indonesian Government.

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