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March, 2013 was a time that would change the lives of two birds from different areas of Minnesota after being injured in the wild.

Two lesser scaups, now a bonded pair, luckily survived their wild-sustained injuries and now live at the Minnesota Zoo after being treated at the Wildlife Intensive and Critical Care Unit (WICCU) in Savage. The female, who is likely 2-4 years old, has a permanent injury to her right eye; her globe ruptured causing her to only have eyesight in her left eye. She is said by her zookeepers to have a good temperament, and is frequently observed flying across Gibbon Lake. She also loves to eat! Her male partner, likely four years old, was injured by gunshot; in fact, he was admitted to WICCU at the same time as the female. Since being transferred to the Minnesota Zoo, he too has been known to have a good temperament and is able to fly, although he has some missing tail feathers.

Did you know? Scaups are described as medium-sized “diving ducks.” Two species live in North America, and they’re often found together in diverse areas including meadows, ponds/lakes and wetlands.

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