Scientific name: Canis lupus

Did You Know?
Today, well over 2000 wolves live in northern Minnesota.

Where They Live:
Gray wolves can be found in northern forests and tundra in North America, Asia, and Europe.

What They Eat:
Wolves eat deer, moose, beavers, and small mammals such as the snowshoe hare.

Test Your Knowledge! (answers below)

  1. The size of a typical wolf pack could be…
    a. 50 wolves     b. 25 wolves     c. 10 wolves     d. 75 wolves
  1. Wolves are carnivores. This means they mainly eat…
    a. dead things     b. meat     c. plants     d. a little of everything
  1. Which of the following describes a wolf?
    a. Weighs less than a piano     b. Runs slower than a car    c. Measures longer than a tricycle     d. All of the above


What’s in a name?
The Gray wolf’s scientific name is Canis lupus.  The term Gray wolf is what scientists call a common name.  Other common names for Canis lupus include timber wolf, common wolf, tundra wolf, Mexican wolf, and plains wolf.

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