Why do turtles cross roads, and how can we help protect them?   

Each year in Minnesota, turtles travel many miles, often crossing roads to nest or seek out a new home in a nearby pond/wetland. Unfortunately road collisions, in addition to habitat loss and pollution, are now threatening turtle populations through the state. Check out how the Minnesota Zoo is working in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to minimize collisions on the road by engineering and installing structures to help them cross roads safely by clicking here!

A painted turtle crossing a road.

You too can join efforts to save Minnesota turtles by helping to document turtle crossing and mortality areas by participating in the Minnesota Turtle Crossing Tally & Count Project using HerpMapperBy submitting data using this mapping tool, you will be helping state and county biologists identify stretches of roads that have a significant number of turtle crossings and provide crucial information that would support requests for additional protections to allow turtles to pass safely in those areas.  

To learn more about why turtles cross roads and to discover more ways to help protect and save turtles in your community, visit: https://mnherpsoc.org/help-a-turtle/