During the entire month of November, the Minnesota Zoo​ will be sharing stories of the many rescued and rehabilitated animals that we care for. All of our animals receive amazing care from zoo staff, volunteers and community members. All of this work is made possible because of YOUR amazing support – thank you! Check back daily as we feature a new story from around the Zoo.

MN Trail: Sharing his home with the American porcupines on the Medtronic Minnesota Trail is a male great horned owl.  The owl, who hatched in Indiana in 1999, was originally parent-reared, but then imprinted on humans. He was admitted to The Raptor Center in St. Paul when he was about 10 weeks old, and was an educational animal there until he came to the zoo in 2004.  The Minnesota Zoo is the perfect fit for this bird; you’ll be able to see him surveying everything around him from the very top of the exhibit.

Zoomobile: Zoomobile’s great horned owl, “Annie,” was brought to the Raptor Center in St. Paul where she was found to be a non-releasable imprinted bird. After being transferred to the Minnesota Zoo in 1984, she’s made a connection in animal programs with hundreds of thousands of people throughout Minnesota and onsite at the Zoo, first with the Bird Show and later with Zoomobile. Similar to “Jake,” Zoomobile’s red-tailed hawk, she’s a very popular bird among current staff, former staff and volunteers.

Did you know? Great horned owls are the largest of the “tufted” owls in North America. They are found in a variety of habitats including both wooded areas and cities and eat a wide variety of pretty from rabbits to birds to rodents.

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