Celebrate Global Tiger Day with the Minnesota Zoo on Monday, July 29!

Discover how you can help these regal animals by taking our new pledge to shop smart for tigers! By supporting companies that have sustainable harvesting practices, you can reduce the unnecessary destruction of tropical forests, home to tigers and other endangered wildlife.

The Minnesota Zoo is proud of its award-winning tiger program, which is dedicated to advancing tiger care, management, research, and conservation. Did you know that over forty tiger cubs have been born at the Minnesota Zoo since we opened in 1978?! The Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP), which coordinates the breeding of tigers in accredited zoos, was initiated here at the Minnesota Zoo in 1982 and our staff continue to play a role in its management. The Minnesota Zoo also serves as co-host of the SSP’s  Tiger Conservation Campaign, which raises awareness and funding for wild tigers and their survival.

Tigers need your help! Join us in securing a future for this incredible endangered species. Here are some ways YOU can get involved:

    • Spread the word! “Like” the Minnesota Zoo and Tiger Conservation Campaign’s social media pages and share posts about tigers with your friends.
    • Pledge to shop smart for tigers! Download the sustainable palm oil app. Further information about the pledge and app here.
    • Learn more about wild tigers and make a donation to help them at tigercampaign.org.

Be sure to visit Minnesota Zoo on July 29 to celebrate Global Tiger Day with us!