The first thing you might be asking yourself is, “What is FishSmart?”

Well, in short, FishSmart is a Minnesota Zoo program focused on sustainable seafood education in an effort to conserve our global waters. We work with Twin Cities restaurants to encourage and help give them the information necessary on how to source only sustainable seafood options. From there, we work with our restaurant partners to come up with fun and unique ways to bring that knowledge to the public.

Meet our restaurant partner Chef Stewart Woodman. Chef Woodman is the executive chef and co-owner of one of Minneapolis’ best known fine dining restaurants, Heidi’s, and he’s committed to using only sustainably sourced seafood. Watch him as he prepares a new dish off of his menu featuring our October Fish of the Month, mussels. Chef Woodman also has a few words for his fellow chefs as he addresses the myth that as a chef, committing to use only sustainable seafood limits your toolbox leaving fewer options for the creative output that diner’s want.