There are more than 50 species of hornbills living today on Earth.  You can find Rhinoceros hornbills living on the Tropics Trail at the Minnesota Zoo.

Where They Live:
Hornbills are native to many tropical areas of Africa and Asia.

What They Eat:
Hornbills’ diets include mostly fruits, and occasionally insects, small animals, and birds. They eat by picking up their food with their long beak, throwing their head back, and swallowing it.

Hornbills need YOUR help!

Did you know that the forests hornbills depend on for food and nesting trees is in trouble?  But YOU can help!  Some companies are cutting down these forests to plant palm oil trees, which provide a valuable oil that is an ingredient in many products you and your family use in your home every day.

Help hornbills by choosing products that are friendly to hornbill habitat.  Encourage your family to download and use the Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping Guide App produced by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

And when choosing sweet treats this winter, follow this handy Hornbill-friendly Candy Guide to be sure your choices help hornbills and other animals that depend on the forests where palm oil trees thrive.  Your choices matter!  Be a champion for the wildlife you love.

Just for Fun
Print out this Hornbill Coloring Sheet and help the hornbill find its lunch!