Something about butterflies seems to spark curiosity and awe in people of all ages… The caterpillar-turned-butterfly is one of the most spectacular wonders of nature. And spotting a pair of fluttering wings among wildflowers is a sure sign of summer. 

Unfortunately many species of butterflies today are in trouble. Habitat loss, climate change, pesticides, and disease are all working together to threaten the future of many of these wonderful creatures. You can help by becoming a backyard butterfly scientist! 

eButterfly is an online database of butterfly observations from all over the world. By collecting data from people just like you, eButterfly maintains valuable information about the status of many species. Submitted data is used by scientists to better understand when and where butterflies are being found. This is an easy and effective way to engage with science, hone your observational skills, and connect with nature in your own backyard! Participation is completely free and you don’t have to be an expert to join in. Your most valuable tool is curiosity and observation. Whether you spot the rarest of species or a common visitor, your recorded observation will help conservation efforts!

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