Our African penguin breeding season is progressing well at the Minnesota Zoo. We have 29 adult penguins in our flock, 11 males and 18 females.  There are currently eight breeding pairs who are nesting in the holes that you can see from the penguin viewing area. Some of the penguins have hatched chicks in their nests and these new additions will be going to the San Diego Zoo in 2017 for their new Africa exhibit. The Minnesota Zoo participates in a Species Survival Plan where they breed, hatch and raise penguin chicks according to a breeding recommendation. This way all offspring have a home. Penguin breeding season will wind down around the end of April and we plan to bring back our Backstage with Penguins program in summer. This is a wonderful opportunity for small groups to learn more about our African penguins and get a behind the scenes look at the penguin area. We give you the opportunity to meet a penguin, and if possible, touch and get your picture taken with one, too!

Interested in helping to protect these amazing animals? Sponsor an African penguin today and your generosity will help us continue to provide quality care for our animals here at the Zoo, as well as help save them in the wild.