If you’re up for an adventure, don’t miss the Minnesota Zoo this winter season. Come see all the action on the Northern Trail as our cold climate critters bask in the cooler temperatures. From the iconic bison, known to use their heads and shoulders to clear snow, to the click-clacking caribou (Fun Fact: Caribou have a tendon that clicks when they walk, this helps them to keep track of each other), there’s sure to be lots of activity.

Make sure to stop by Tiger Lair to visit Vera, the Amur tiger, as she experiences her first winter. Now nearly 90 pounds, and growing a thick winter coat, she’s sure to be playful and inquisitive when she experiences the first big snow. The animals along our outdoor trails thrive in the cold, and become more active this time of year.

If cold weather has you running to the hills…or the beaches…we’ve got something for you, too. Stroll through our lush Tropics Trail where it’s warm and humid every day! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the sunny, balmy forests from around the world, and explore an up close look of our Tropical Reef from above and below the water’s surface.

Dive deep in to the ocean at Discovery Bay. Touch a real-life shark or examine a living tide pool. If you’re feeling stressed by the season take a moment to relax and watch the mesmerizing moon jellies.

Bring the family together with an experience at the Zoo they’ll never forget. Celebrate the holiday season with Santa Saturdays. See all the animal action at our next Animal Play Day on December 21. We’ll feature enrichment activities throughout the day for animals around the Zoo. There’s always something amazing happening here at the Minnesota Zoo.