The ominous reports of predicted snow are already starting for the season. This may have some of us day dreaming about clear blue water & warm white sand beaches. That’s not the case for the animals of the Medtronic Minnesota Trail.

The animals sense the change in the air. They’re getting ready for winter, and they’re excited for the snow. The black bears and wolves are eating more to pack on the pounds to stay toasty throughout the winter. Although our black bears won’t go in to a true hibernation, not to be seen the rest of the winter, their metabolism will slow down and they will become less active.

The beavers are busy right now. They’re starting to collect branches, and loose wood to snack on for the winter in addition to their main diet. Guests visiting now can see the beavers working hard to bring their wood over their damn and over to their lodge.

Look closely and you’ll see many of the animals growing a thicker coat, this will help them keep in their body heat during the dark cold days of the season.  Next time you’re checking out the lynx, make sure to look at this powerful cat’s paws. The lynx has large paws that help them walk through deep snow. Wolverines have a similar adaptation, their paws look almost webbed, and again this helps them to walk atop snow.

Don’t miss the action. Put on your layers and come experience winter at the Zoo with our amazing animals. And for all of those who rather reminisce of the warm breeze of summer, we have something for you too. Come stroll the lush, green Tropics Trail, where it’s always a balmy 78 degrees.