It’s a great time to come out to the Minnesota Zoo to gaze in awe at these powerful, endangered predators. At our two tiger exhibits, there’s plenty to see, touch, and learn. On Global Tiger Day, the Minnesota Zoo will also have fun family-friendly activities at our Tiger Base Camp exhibit from 12-2pm followed by special enrichment activities for one of our tigers.

The Minnesota Zoo is proud of its award-winning tiger program, which is dedicated to advancing tiger care, management, research, and conservation. You’ve probably seen the adorable photos and videos of Sundari’s new cub, but did you know that over forty tiger cubs have been born at the Minnesota Zoo since we opened in 1978?! The Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP), which coordinates the breeding of tigers in accredited zoos, was initiated here at the Minnesota Zoo in 1982 and continues to be coordinated by our staff. Since 2012, we have also coordinated the SSP’s Tiger Conservation Campaign, which raises awareness about wild tigers and funding for their survival.

Tigers continue to disappear from the wild, and they need our help! You can celebrate Global Tiger Day by taking action to save this majestic endangered species. Here are some ideas:

  • Spread the word! “Like” the Minnesota Zoo and Tiger Conservation Campaign’s social media pages and share posts about tigers with your friends.
  • Learn more about wild tigers and make a donation to help them at
  • Race for tigers! Register for the August 26th Tiger Tracks 5K Race and Kids Run, held at the Zoo.
  • Help save tiger habitat by making smart shopping choices. Learn more here.