Protect Amur tigers from poaching.  Save Minnesota’s prairie butterflies.  Restore critically endangered Amur leopards.  Bring blue-throated macaws back from the brink of extinction.  Return bison to Minnesota state parks.  These are all things YOU can help us do when you make a gift while visiting the at the Zoo.

Last year alone, Minnesota Zoo guests helped save wildlife with nearly $50,000 in donations at the Zoo’s front entrance, in the Russia’s Grizzly Coast Conservation Cabin, at our Wings Financial World of Birds Show, and by rounding up for conservation at our gift store.  THANK YOU!

With your support, we:

  • Purchased specially designed underwater cameras for critically endangered Hawaiian monk seals, to find out what threats they face in the wild.
  • Funded efforts to help rescue and treat injured sea otters and release them back to the wild.
  • Placed GPS collars on endangered Asian wild horses in Mongolia, to understand how we can help them expand their range and increase their numbers.
  • Helped fund a new project to close down old logging roads in the Russian Far East, thereby restricting poachers’ access to Amur tiger habitat.
  • Funded efforts to monitor the fewer than 70 Amur leopards remaining in the wild.
  • Helped restore habitat and monitor nest boxes for critically endangered blue-throated macaws.

When you make a donation during your Zoo visit, you’re helping to save wildlife. Consider making a donation during your next visit, or donate online today to the Wildlife Conservation Fund. Your donation will be used where it’s needed most to save wildlife in Minnesota and beyond. Thank you for supporting this critical work!

You can donate to save wildlife right at our cashier stations! Round up for conservation when you make a purchase at the gift store! You can help critically endangered blue-throated macaws with a donation at our Bird Show! In the Russia’s Grizzly Coast Conservation Cabin, Zoo guests have donated nearly $60,000 since 2008 in support of sea otter, brown bear, and big cat conservation!