Conservation at the Zoo

From the cooperative breeding programs and conservation action campaigns we lead, to restoration of local wildlife and green practices on Zoo site, conservation is at the heart of everything at the Zoo.

Cooperative Breeding

The Minnesota Zoo participates in cooperative breeding programs with other zoos. These programs serve as “genetic insurance policies” against extinction.

Amphibian Health and Disease

Nearly 32% of the world’s 6,000 amphibian species are known to be threatened or extinct. The Minnesota Zoo is working with partners to understand and monitor amphibian diseases on Zoo site.

Green Practices

In an effort to conserve natural resources and minimize waste, the Minnesota Zoo incorporates environmentally sustainable or “green” practices into building design and everyday operations.

Discovering Native Wildlife

Minnesota Zoo staff inventoried wildlife on the undeveloped areas of the Zoo and found an incredible collection of biodiversity. Learn more about local wildlife and find tips on exploring your own backyard!

Fish Smart

Learn how to make smart choices when shopping for and consuming seafood. Explore the impacts humans have on ocean wildlife and download the Seafood Watch Wallet Card so you can make ocean-friendly choices. Together we can increase awareness of sustainable seafood choices and help prevent the over-harvesting of the ocean’s resources.

Recycle for Rainforests

Cell phones are created with minerals mined from important wildlife habitat, and they often end up in the garbage. Recycling your cell phone at the Minnesota Zoo helps great apes and other animals.

Russian Wildlife Conservation

Funds donated by guests in the Conservation Cabin of the Zoo’s Russia’s Grizzly Coast exhibit support conservation projects for large cats, bears, and sea otters in the Russian Far East.

Restoring Trumpeter Swans

After disappearing from the state of Minnesota in the mid-1800s, trumpeter swans are home again thanks to a restoration program and the work of many people, including Minnesota Zoo staff.