Many species of  wildlife across the globe are threatened by habitat loss and degradation, including endangered chinchillas in the Andes of Chile. You can make a difference by recycling your out-of-use cell phone.  
By donating your old cell phone(s), you:
  • Raise money to save wildlife, including endangered wild chinchilla populations in Chile.  Learn More.
  • Keep hazardous substances, found inside cell phones and other electronics, out of the trash so they can’t damage our environment.  Learn More.
  • Reduce demand for minerals found in cell phones that are sometimes mined illegally and destructively in African rainforests and other parts of the world.  Learn More.
What happens to the phones?
How do I donate?
Can I recycle more than my phone? Do you take phone chargers? What else can I donate?
We gladly accept group/bulk donations:

Recycle for Wildlife is a great way for your group, school, organization, or company to make a difference for endangered species and their habitats.  Organize a cell phone recycling campaign today! Email us for details and assistance.


*The Small Print: ECO-CELL – environmental standards and privacy issues