African rainforests and the animals that live there are under threat. You can make a difference by recycling your out-of-use cell phone(s).  
By donating your old cell phone(s), you:
  • Keep hazardous substances, found inside cell phones and other electronics, out of the trash so they can’t damage our environment.  Learn More.
  • Reduce demand for minerals found in cell phones that are sometimes mined illegally and destructively in African rainforests.  Learn More.
  • Raise money to save rainforest wildlife.  Learn More.

See who has already made a difference! 

What happens to the phones?
How do I donate?
Can I recycle more than my phone? Do you take phone chargers? What else can I donate?


School-Recycle-for-Rainforests-PosterTeachers, schools, and clubs:

Start a cell phone recycling drive in your school or club!

This is a great opportunity to introduce students to an authentic conservation project with tangible results.

Participating groups will receive a book, posters, parent letter templates, educational resources and more!

If you are a teacher or club leader Email us with your address so we can send your free kit to get started today!

We gladly accept group/bulk donations:

Recycle for Rainforests is a great way for your group, school, organization, or company to make a difference for endangered species and their habitats.  Organize a cell phone recycling campaign today! Email us for details and assistance.


*The Small Print: ECO-CELL – environmental standards and privacy issues