BirdwatchingObserving wild animals in their natural habitat, also known as wildlife watching, is one of our state’s most popular types of outdoor recreation! Did you know over 1.5 million people enjoy wildlife watching in Minnesota each year? Find out what all the hype is about by trying it out for yourself! Your adventure could take place just about anywhere – your back yard, the playground at school, or even a wildlife preserve on the other side of the state!

You could watch a backyard bird feeder, or look for turtles while paddling through one of our famous lakes. Maybe you could try to net prairie butterflies, or set a trail camera to catch a glimpse of black bears in the north woods! Below you’ll find our best tips for getting the most out of your outing. You’re sure to have a great time enjoying our state’s wild animals!

Our Top Tips for Wildlife Watching

1. Do your homework!
2. Join other wildlife watchers!
3. Be a citizen scientist!
4. Be safe!
5. Record your adventure!
6. Be quiet!
7. Pack your bags!



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