Just by coming to the Zoo you take action for wildlife as your Zoo admission or membership supports our conservation mission.  Below is information on additional steps you can take to help save animals in the wild— from making animal-friendly shopping choices to recycling an old cell phone.

Fish Smart

Learn how to make smart choices when shopping for and consuming seafood. Explore the impacts humans have on ocean wildlife and download the Seafood Watch Wallet Card so you can make ocean-friendly choices. Together we can increase awareness of sustainable seafood choices and help prevent the over-harvesting of the ocean’s resources.

Responsible Pet Ownership

You can help save wildlife by being a responsible pet owner. This means making good choices about the type and source of pet you choose, and keeping pets away from our native wildlife, to avoid harming animals in the wild.

Recycle for Wildlife

Cell phones are created with minerals mined from important wildlife habitat, and they often end up in the garbage. Recycling your cell phone at the Minnesota Zoo helps endangered chinchillas and other wild animals.

Plant for Pollinators!

Bees and butterflies are important pollinators for many flowering plants and food crops. Learn more about what you can plant in your own backyard to help these pollinators thrive.

Shop Smart for Palm Oil

Unsustainable palm oil production is impacting tropical forests around the world. Learn how you can help save these forest habitats and wildlife like orangutans and tigers that call them home by purchasing products that use sustainable palm oil.

96 Elephants

Who can imagine a world without elephants? Yet, African elephants are facing near-extinction from increased demand for ivory. Learn more about this crisis, what one organization is doing to save these majestic animals, and how you can help.

Donate to the Zoo

Your generous donations are critical in supporting the Zoo’s conservation mission to save wildlife here in Minnesota and around the world.

Volunteer for the Zoo

Volunteers at the Minnesota Zoo play important role in providing information about how to help protect wildlife. Opportunities abound for those looking for fun, unique and interesting volunteer experiences.