At the Minnesota Zoo we are passionately committed to saving wild animals worldwide.  Our Zoo staff dedicates their expertise to lead projects that address a wide range of threats to endangered species.

Tiger Conservation Campaign

The Minnesota Zoo staff is proud to coordinate the Tiger conservation Campaign, which works with zoos across North America to raise awareness about wild tigers and funding for their survival.

Protecting Black Rhinos

The Minnesota Zoo and its partners conduct one of the most successful rhino conservation programs in the world. Zoo biologists work with local Namibians to monitor rhinos on community lands.

Saving Dholes

There are fewer dholes (Asian wild dogs) than tigers left in the wild! Biologists at the Minnesota Zoo are working in Thailand to study threats to this little-known endangered species.

Saving Asian Wild Horses

Asian wild horses went extinct in the wild in the 1960s, but returned to the wild with help from zoos. Biologists at the Minnesota Zoo are working to secure a future for these reintroduced horses.

Ulysses S. Seal Grant

The Minnesota Zoo provides grants to global conservation efforts. This program is a unique opportunity for Zoo staff from all backgrounds to directly contribute to save wildlife.

Russian Wildlife Conservation

Funds donated by guests in the Conservation Cabin of the Zoo’s Russia’s Grizzly Coast exhibit support conservation projects for large cats, bears, and sea otters in the Russian Far East.