The Wings Financial World of Birds Show at the Minnesota Zoo supports efforts to improve nesting opportunities for critically endangered macaws in Bolivia.Since 2007, the Minnesota Zoo has been a strong supporter of Blue-throated Macaw research, conservation, and education.  Blue-throated macaws are found only in Bolivia and they are considered to be a critically endangered species.  Throughout the years, funds raised at The Wings Financial World of Birds Show have gone to aid the efforts of The “Blue-throated Macaw Project” based in The Bolivian Department of Beni. The money sent to the project has helped the recovery team to develop its successful system of providing supplemental nesting opportunities to the wild macaws. It has helped purchase tools and equipment used in maintaining, repairing, and improving current nesting cavities (both natural and artificial) and has helped purchase cameras used in monitoring these nesting cavities when the floods of the rainy season make access to the site impossible.

Community outreach educational efforts have been aided by the Minnesota Zoo contributions through purchases of a projector to be used in classroom presentations.

The Minnesota Zoo’s Wings Financial World of Birds Show Supervisor Dave Cruz has lent his efforts in the field with projects ranging from Air strip repair to nest monitoring/data collection and nest searches.

The Zoo’s Wings Financial World of Birds Show continues to raise money for this project, and other international and Minnesota Zoo-based conservation programs. This award-winning conservation effort is driven by you, our local community, and helps countless animals around the world as well as right here in our own back yards.

Photo by Steve Martin