One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Minnesota Zoo’s
“Recycle for Rainforests” program goes to save rainforest wildlife.


Currently, funds from this program support the conservation efforts of the Ape TAG Conservation Initiative.  The Ape TAG Conservation Initiative represents a collective effort by zoos to help conserve wild populations of apes.  Projects supported through the Ape TAG represent a range of conservation activities, from basic monitoring and protection, to law enforcement, to conservation education.

The Minnesota Zoo’s support for these conservation efforts not only helps protect great apes and their rainforest home, but also the species that the Zoo exhibits in its Faces of the African Forest exhibit: colobus monkeys, de Brazza’s monkeys, red river hogs, hyrax, dwarf crocodiles, and fruit bats. Make a difference for this rainforest community by recycling your old cell phone(s) through the Minnesota Zoo.