Behind the Scenes with Animal Health

By 9 am on a typical Thursday, many working folks have downed a cup of coffee or two, settled in at their computers, and perhaps Read More

Coral Reef Awareness Week

Coral reefs have long captured the attention of humans through their breathtaking displays of color, intriguing shapes and structure, and the abundant life they attract. Read More

Shark Week – Celebrating Sand Tiger Sharks

The Minnesota Zoo’s six sand tiger sharks are all on display inside Discovery Bay. Did you know that they are great ambush hunters? Because sand Read More

Wednesday, June 29, 2016|Animal, Aquariums, Zoo News|

Rescued Sea Turtles

During the entire month of November, the Minnesota Zoo​ will be sharing stories of the many rescued and rehabilitated animals that we care for. All Read More

Saturday, November 21, 2015|Animal, Animal Rescue, Aquariums, Under the Sea|

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    Building Mussels at the Zoo? An Exercise in Freshwater Conservation.

Building Mussels at the Zoo? An Exercise in Freshwater Conservation.

By: Matt McLaughlin, Life Support Systems Coordinator The Minnesota Zoo has always placed great emphasis on conserving wildlife.  While we’ve been on the forefront of conservation Read More

Stingray Check-Up

The Minnesota Zoo currently houses three female southern stingrays in its Discovery Bay aquarium and 2 in another aquarium.  The oldest is approximately 14 years Read More

The Wild Face of Climate Change: African Penguins

African penguins live in the cold ocean off coasts of South Africa, Namibia, and Mozambique. They move to the beach mostly to mate, nest, raise Read More

Animal Facts: The Swell Shark

In light of our new Swell shark pup, our zookeeper, Christoph, wanted to share some fun facts about this cool ocean-dweller, specifically the process from Read More

Monday, December 23, 2013|Animal, Aquariums|