Looking for a unique educational experience?

Get the most out of your Zoo visit. Check out the engaging classes, tours and overnights we have to offer for schools and teachers.

STEM Programs

Gather resources to engage students to engineer and problem solve just like zookeepers, exhibit designers, and conservationists using the Minnesota Zoo as a context!

Zoo Classes

Up-close and personal live animal encounters and hands-on activities await!

World Language Days

Plan a field trip to the Zoo with your language students and discover fascinating facts about Zoo animals,

Math Day

Math Day has been designed to inspire students grades 3-8 to learn more about how math is applied in the zoo workplace.

Travel EdVentures

Travel to unique and beautiful places of the world with a Zoo professional at your side.

Zoo Careers Day

A school special event day for your students focused on Zoo careers!

Wildlife Champions

Wildlife Champions are high school students who, with help from the Minnesota Zoo, learn to identify conservation issues in their local communities and work together to make a difference for wildlife.

IMAX Lunch Break

Enjoy a short documentary, Wild Africa while you eat your lunch at IMAX. School groups can book the lunch break as part of a Zoo field trip. Show times are 11:30 a.m., Monday-Friday.