In Person Classes and Programs for
Field Trips

Enhance your field trip with a Zoo class or custom program! Led by a Zoo naturalist, these interactive and hands-on experiences not only engage students in learning but are also designed to support state science standards.

In Person Zoo Classes

All in-person classes are 45-minutes long and are offered at 9:30 am, 10:30 am, and 11:30 am Tuesday through Friday. Classes are available from September 26, 2023 through May 10, 2024. These classes can be added to your Minnesota Zoo field trip for an additional $100 per class (up to 30 students). Classes include:

Once Upon a Tide Pool (grades K-2)

Bring a story to life! This animated class focuses on the characters who live and depend on each other in a tide pool habitat and includes a trip to our tide pool to meet a real-life version of our main character.

Penguineering (grades K-2 or 3-5)

Learn about how penguins’ adaptations and behaviors allow them to survive in unique habitats. Then test your engineering skills by building the perfect penguin nest!

Biomimicry (grades K-2 or 3-5)

Learn how engineers are turning to nature to solve human problems through the process of biomimicry. Students act as biomimicry engineers investigating seed dispersal to solve an engineering challenge!

Animal Classifieds (grades K-2 or 3-5)

What makes a horse related to a tapir? Is a sea star a fish? In this interactive class, students learn how to sort and classify animals using scientific methods and incorporate biofacts to take a closer look at the physical characteristics of different species.

Animal Enrichment (grades 3-5 or 6-12)

Discover how animals stay busy, active, healthy, and curious at the Zoo through enrichment. Observe animals interacting with enrichment while exploring how Zookeepers encourage animals to use their natural behaviors and adaptations!

Zoo Exhibit Design (grades 3-5 or 6-12)

In this interactive class, students learn about animal needs and identify the components that make a successful Zoo exhibit, then try their hands at creating their own exhibit model!

Vanishing Animals (grades 6-8 or 9-12)

Experts believe we are amid our sixth global mass extinction event, with at least 15,000 species threatened with extinction. Find out what conservation organizations are doing to help, and how you can help protect species in your community.

Animal Behavior (grades 6-8 or 9-12)

Science is used every day in zoos to observe animal behavior, set goals, and assess progress. Join us to learn how animal observation data is collected in order to care for and learn more about the variety of animals that live at the Zoo!

In Person Custom Programs

STEM Lab (grades 3-12)

Immerse students in the world of STEM at the zoo in this customized full or multi-day residency. Guided by a zoo naturalist, students will be led through hands on inquiry-based activities. STEM lab experiences and content can be custom built with the teacher to support student learning goals in the classroom through topics such as animal adaptations, exhibit and enrichment engineering design, conservation science, Zoo STEM careers, animal behavior, and more. Students will leave with a deeper understanding of how science, technology, engineering, and math is used and applied at the zoo.
Cost: $250 minimum per day or $25/student/day
Please contact [email protected] to inquire or to schedule.

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