The Show Us Your Mussels Challenge

The Minnesota Zoo is pleased to announce the return of the Show Us Your Mussels Challenge for the 2021-2022 school year!

Minnesota middle and high school students create original digital media campaigns informing the public about the impact of water quality on native mussels. The school groups that get the message out to the most people will receive FREE field trips to the Minnesota Zoo including bussing, admission, parking and interactive sessions with our Mussel Conservation staff. Participating schools receive support from the Zoo’s mussel education staff including professional development, access to resources and curriculum, and school visits. For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions below or  email us at [email protected].

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Free Professional Development

Show Us Your Mussels Virtual Teacher Training  (90 minutes, on-demand viewing)

Are you interested in learning more about native freshwater mussels and water quality? Would you like to learn more about the Minnesota Zoo and DNR’s conservation work?  Have lots of demands on your time? Join us for a FREE Professional Development including behind the scenes peaks and tours of the Minnesota Zoo’s native freshwater mussel program. In addition to receiving CEUs, participants will leave with more knowledge of these at-risk species and resources to implement the Show Us Your Mussel Challenge for the 2021-2022 school year. This training is self-guided, allowing you to access the information at a time and place that works for you. The training is divided into 9 different short videos so you can pick which topics work for you.

To watch this asynchronous training, simply clink on the following link to our YouTube playlist at:

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the “Show Us Your Mussels” Challenge?
Why should we participate in the challenge?
How is this project aligned to my curriculum?
Is there any curriculum developed to support the Challenge?
Is there any professional development to support the Challenge?
What other support do you provide for teachers doing the Challenge?
Can members of your mussel conservation team come visit me at my school?
What types of projects can be created?
What are some best practices that students may choose to promote through their campaigns?
How will the winners be selected?
When is the challenge?
What do the winning groups receive?
When will the winners be announced?
When will field trips occur for the winning schools?
What are the important dates to remember?