Happy National Pollinator Week!

Happy National Pollinator Week! Pollinators do a lot, sustaining wild ecosystems and providing 35% of our food. But what are pollinators? Pollinators are animals that Read More

Plant for Pollinator Top 5

Happy National Pollinator Week!  Bees, butterflies and other animals pollinate most wild plants, as well as at least a third of our food. Pollinators have Read More

Horticulture Highlight: The Clustered Fishtail Palm

 A favorite palm along the Tropics Trail is the Clustered Fishtail palm, also known as Caryota mitis, a native tree of Southeast Asia. When looking Read More

Wednesday, February 3, 2016|Horticulture, Tropics Trail|


During the entire month of November, the Minnesota Zoo​ will be sharing stories of the many rescued and rehabilitated animals that we care for. All Read More

Tuesday, November 3, 2015|Animal Rescue, Horticulture|

Lemur Exhibit Gets a Little Greener

The lemur exhibit on the Tropics Trail was recently given a makeover. The Minnesota Zoo’s horticulture supervisor, Kim Thomas, and her team strategically worked on Read More

Thursday, March 13, 2014|Animal, Horticulture, Tropics Trail|