In the Field: Peregrine Falcon Part 1

The Minnesota Zoo is well known for its 485 acre facility in Apple Valley, Minnesota – just minutes away from the Mall of America. However people may be less familiar with the amazing work the Zoo does outside of Minnesota. The Zoo’s Conservation Advisory Team and the Minnesota Zoo Foundation have been sending […]

Wednesday, June 4, 2014|Birds, Conservation, Minnesota Conservation|

The Wild Face of Climate Change: African Penguins

African penguins live in the cold ocean off coasts of South Africa, Namibia, and Mozambique. They move to the beach mostly to mate, nest, raise young, and molt. Like many other penguin species, African penguins are endangered in the wild and are on […]

The Wild Face of Climate Change: Moose

The North American moose is seen by many as an iconic symbol of Minnesota’s North Woods. But around the world, moose at the southern edge of their range are disappearing. Minnesota is one of the first places in which this decline was documented. Scientists are still working to understand what is causing the decline […]

Studying Wild Dholes in Thailand – May 2014

Dr. Kate Jenks is a Conservation Biologist at the Minnesota Zoo. She was recently in Thailand leading the Zoo’s efforts to save endangered dholes (otherwise known as Asian wild dogs) in partnership with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

After a long bitterly cold Minnesota winter, I was certainly looking forward to traveling to Thailand. Well, […]

Wednesday, May 21, 2014|Conservation, Dhole Conservation|
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    The Story of ‘Sota’ – Minnesota’s namesake rhino in Namibia

The Story of ‘Sota’ – Minnesota’s namesake rhino in Namibia

Sota2010_JeffMuntifering (Small)  Jeff Muntifering is a Conservation Biologist for the Minnesota Zoo.  He leads the Zoo’s efforts in Namibia to save critically endangered black rhinos.  Learn more about this important work at

Recently, our partners at Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia […]

Tuesday, April 29, 2014|Black Rhino Conservation, Conservation|

Urban vs. Suburban – Comparing Wildlife on Zoo-Site

The Minnesota Zoo’s BioDiscovery Project is partnering with the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute to compare their wildlife findings on each zoo’s site. Our BioDiscovery Project Coordinator, Katie Talbott, is excited to announce this partnership and get you all involved as well!


Studying Minnesota Moose

Dr. Kim VanderWaal is a postdoctoral research scientist in the Minnesota Zoo’s Conservation Department. She is studying the risks Minnesota moose face from parasites transmitted from white-tailed deer.

Researching wildlife is not always glamorous.  Indeed, I have found that some of the most valuable information about wild animals can be learned by studying what they […]

Guatemala or Bust (Part 2)


And we’re back to wrap up our latest Ulysses S. Seal Conservation Grant trip to Guatemala with our Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Josh Le. Be sure to check out Part 1 of his trip here.

Guatemala has been amazing and working with the […]

Thursday, February 20, 2014|Conservation|