The Minnesota Zoo believes our connection to the natural world is innate, living inside each of us, regardless of our background. It is something we all share and represents a powerful way to teach us, sustain us and inspire us.

We are committed to connecting people to animals and the natural world in ways that foster compassion and conservation. The Minnesota Zoo is for everyone. And every day we’re finding amazing new ways to create diverse, welcoming and uniquely accommodating experiences for people across the state – along our trails and inside every community.

ZooUnlimited is a broad community outreach and access initiative that unites a wide-range of programs and services designed to ensure every Minnesotan has unlimited opportunities to experience and benefit from a connection with animals and nature. At the Minnesota Zoo, we believe people of all cultures, communities, abilities, backgrounds, and financial means should be able to visit, and be inspired by nature. We want the Zoo to be welcoming to everyone. Our commitment is unwavering. And the possibilities are unlimited.

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