The Minnesota Zoomobile and its team of trained naturalists travel to schools and community events throughout the state of Minnesota and beyond, providing an educational and entertaining environmental experience to a variety of audiences. Zoomobile Naturalists use live animals, biological artifacts, theater techniques, story telling, and audience participation to create a dynamic, personal, and fun program for all ages. The goal of all Zoomobile programs is to create and establish a sense of stewardship and respect for the diversity and complexity of all life on earth. To accomplish this goal, the Zoomobile naturalists provide a foundation of information and knowledge for their audiences as they capture imaginations and stimulate curiosities about the natural world.

Community Events

Zoomobile serves communities and neighborhoods thoughout the state with a variety of program options.

Zoomobile Topics

Our assemblies are designed for a maximum audience size of 300 people, last approximately 45 minutes, and typically include 4-5 species of animals.