Many birds will be spending the winter through spring in non-public areas while mesh barriers in the Tropics Aviary are replaced. Guests will still be able to see the birds in the Bali Mynah habitat across from the Komodo dragon and all of the flamingos and ducks in Gibbon Lake. The hornbills, South American birds and other tropical birds will be housed in separate non-public buildings throughout the Zoo. The new mesh is critical for the birds’ safety, and while it is being installed, a beautiful new tree for the hornbills and new behind-the scenes-breeding pens will also be added. This work will ensure the Minnesota Zoo’s successful and sustainable bird breeding program continues long into the future.

Construction noises in the Aviary space of the Tropics Building may at times be loud. Construction will not take place on weekends and is generally done by 3:30 on weekdays. Disruptive noises will be intermittent in nature, and staff plan ahead to minimize them as much as possible, but some noises are unavoidable as we improve the habitat for the birds.