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Apple Valley, MINN – March 6, 2018 – The Minnesota Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a rare female Sichuan takin (pronounced: talk-in) calf, born February 13. The new calf is growing and can now be seen in the public takin habitat along the Northern Trail with mom.

The calf, named “Ying Tou,” weighed approximately 14 pounds at birth. She is slightly smaller than average for her species, but zookeepers report she is strong and doing well. She will reach maturity – around 700 pounds for females – in four years.

Considered national treasures by the Chinese, takins are listed as “protected” by The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and are rare – only 100 are currently exhibited in 18 zoos. The Minnesota Zoo has welcomed 17 takin since 1978.

Takin are mysterious animals: found in forest mountainsides in China, the Sichuan takin prefers mid-altitude mountains, dense undergrowth, and rocky hillsides. They also share the same ranges as pandas and golden monkeys. The Chinese refer to the takin as “Ling Niu” or “antelope cow.” This unusual-looking relative of the musk ox looks like a small moose, climbs like a mountain goat, has short curved horns like a gnu, and snorts. Takins, which stand 3–4 feet high, eat shrubs, grasses, and leaves. They are even able to stand on their hind legs and reach branches 10 feet off the ground.

There are three subspecies of takin: Mishmi, Golden, and Sichuan. The Mishmi takin, found in India, Bhutan, and Burma, can be recognized by its chocolate-brown coat. The Golden takin, named for its golden color, is found in China as is the Sichuan takin, whose appearance can be considered a mix the other two subspecies: a golden face with a dark-colored body.

The Minnesota Zoo participates in a breeding loan agreement with other zoos, a valuable tool allowing zoos to breed unrelated animals.

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