Gain valuable knowledge, skills and work experience by working as an intern at the Minnesota Zoo!

The Minnesota Zoo offers unpaid internships in many of its divisions.  A Minnesota Zoo internship provides workplace experience and the opportunity to learn about careers in zoology, education, communication, conservation, and public service.

All interns promote the mission of the Minnesota Zoo: To connect people, animals and the natural world to save wildlife.

Internships at the Minnesota Zoo are for post-secondary students who are enrolled in an accredited technical school, college, or university.  Those who are accepted have a unique opportunity to gain practical workplace experience while simultaneously meeting an academic requirement within their program of study.

Internships at the Minnesota Zoo are not paid.

In order to be selected for an internship at the Minnesota zoo, applicants must meet two requirements.

  1. Current enrollment in an accredited postsecondary institution, and
  2. Completion of an academic program requirement in order to be selected for internship positions.

(See Minnesota Statute 43A.02, subdivision 24 and Minnesota Department of Employee Relations Administrative Procedure 21E for legal and procedural guidance.)

Internships are available at the Minnesota Zoo year-round, with the largest number of openings during the summer season.  Internship periods generally align with the academic calendar, and individual start/end dates are negotiated individually as part of the intern hiring process.

Internship Periods
Fall Semester: September-December
Winter Term: November-January
Spring Semester Internship: February-May
Summer Internship: May-August

For information about currently available internship opportunities at the Minnesota Zoo, please email the internship coordinator at [email protected].

Applications for Fall Semester, 2018 internships will open on Tuesday, May 29, 2018.