Gain valuable knowledge, skills and work experience as an intern at the Minnesota Zoo!

The Minnesota Zoo offers unpaid internships in many of its divisions.  A MN Zoo internship provides workplace experience and the opportunity to learn about careers in zoology, education, communication, conservation, and public service.

All interns promote the mission of the MN Zoo: To connect people, animals and the natural world to save wildlife.  College students who are accepted as interns at the Zoo have a unique opportunity to gain practical workplace experience, complete a meaningful independent projected related to their internship placement, and fulfill an academic requirement within their program of study.

Please note: Because the MN Zoo is an agency of the State of Minnesota, all college interns at the Minnesota Zoo MUST be:

  1. Enrolled in an accredited educational institution AND
  2. Completing an internship for academic credit as part of their academic program OR
  3. Completing an internship as a means of fulfilling an academic requirement as part of their academic program

The schedule of internship availability follows that of the post-secondary academic calendar.  Within these parameters, application openings and closing dates, and internship start and end dates may vary.

Internship Periods
Fall Semester: September-December
Winter Term: November-January
Spring Semester Internship: February-May
Summer Internship: May-August 

Applications are being accepted NOW for the following MN Zoo Internships.

Paid Internship

Intern-Interpretive Naturalist, Outreach (Zoomobile)

Unpaid Internship

Intern: Education Naturalist (K-12 programs)

Intern: Interpretive Naturalist (World of Birds Show)

Intern-Zoo Keeper, Minnesota & Tropics Trail

Intern-Zoo Keeper, Aquariums

Intern-Zoo Keeper, Birds Department

Intern-Aquariums, Life Support Systems

Intern-Interpretive Naturalist, Behavioral Husbandry

Intern-Interpretive Naturalist, Close Encounters

Intern-Interpretive Naturalist, Marine Mammals

Intern-Graphic Design

Intern: Zoo Keeper (Northern Trail)

For additional information, please email the MN Zoo Internship and Youth Development Coordinator at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: When can I apply for an internship at the Minnesota Zoo?
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Q: Can I apply for more than one internship in the same semester?
Q: What if I need help with the application or have questions?
Q: What happens after I submit my application for an internship at the Minnesota Zoo?