I’m already a Zoo member—will I lose out on anything if I upgrade to Director’s Circle? How many guests can I bring as a Director’s Circle donor?
Can the children on my Friends Plus membership come without me? Can they bring our two free guests?
Can I make my Director’s Circle donation in automatic monthly installments instead of in one lump sum?
What are the donor events?
Do I have to pay extra to attend a Director’s Circle donor event?
How do I register for donor events?
What if I want to bring more than my two free guests for a regular Zoo visit?
How does the Director’s Circle reserved parking work?
How does the Zoo use my Director’s Circle donation?
I want to support the Zoo, but I’m not able to visit much. Can I give my membership to another family?
What is the difference between the Minnesota Zoo and the Minnesota Zoo Foundation?
This didn’t answer my question—who do I contact?