Tuesday, October 16

9:30 Tiger Enrichment (Northern Trail-Lair)
10:30 Snow Monkey (Central Plaza)
11:45 Tapir Enrichment (Tropics Trail)
2:00 Leopard Enrichment (Russia’s Grizzly Coast)

Join us for our new Animal Play Days at the Minnesota Zoo! The Zoo animals receive enrichment every day to keep them mentally and physically strong – and Animal Play Days give guests a special opportunity to watch enrichment and engage with zookeepers at featured animal habitats. Come join in the play all day long and learn why it’s important for the animals, too.

Minnesota Zoo animals enjoy getting gifts too! Children of all ages can have fun treating the animals with a enrichment gift by purchasing an approved “toy” from our wish list on Amazon.com.

Upcoming Dates:
November 3
December 21
January 1
February 14