What’s the best way to renew my membership while you’re closed?
When will my membership expire if I renew during the Zoo’s closure?
I just renewed my membership, when will my new cards arrive?
I’m getting renewal notices and you are closed, should I wait to renew?
I received information about the Friends of the Zoo. Can you tell me more?
I purchased gift memberships for other families, what are you doing for them?
Can I get an extension of days on my membership equal to the amount of time you will be closed?
Can I get a refund, or pause my membership?
Is my membership payment tax deductible?
When is the Zoo actually going to be open?
Why can’t we walk outside on the trails and keep our distance?
The Zoo normally announces Music in the Zoo in the spring? Will there be a member pre-sale?
What is happening with summer camp and other Zoo programs?
What is the Zoo doing for members during the closure?
I received a special offer from the Zoo. Can I use the free tickets if my membership expires?
Can I use the free ticket offer for myself and family?
Regarding your free ticket offer, can I get more tickets by renewing my membership during this time?
Where can I find details on the offer if I have more questions?
How can I connect with the Membership Office?
Zoo Camp FAQs
I renewed my membership specifically for early registration benefits for Zoo Camp. All camps have been cancelled, I would like a refund on my membership.
How are you handling the money I paid for the Camps I registered for?
Can you open the Zoo Camps for emergency workers only?
Are there some classes that can be virtual?